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The Club weekend opening times are now, Friday 9:00, Saturday 11:00 and Sunday 9:00.
2024 Pitchers List (Alpha by First Name)
All inconclusive
Formulae provided by George Tarantino
2024 Free Agent Pitching (Alpha by First Name)
2024 Free Agent Pitchers by Grade
Mock Draft (Updated 2/18/24 @1:03 P.M.)
The Amsterdam Bulldogs are your 2023 ZSABL Champions.
The 46th ZSABL World Series, Norfolk vs Amsterdam, is slated for Monday, February 12th at high-noon.
Its a Norfolk-Amsterdam World Series as the Neptunes prevail in seven games over Hartford.
The Free Agents are at the Club, many thanks to Treasurer Tom Doran for his work in getting them ready for the Draft.
Western Division Finals re-scheduled for Monday, February 5th.
The Norfolk-Hartford series has been postponed until later in the week.
There are now three separate Mock Drafts available.
Amsterdam advances to the 46th ZSABL Championship by defeating Las Vegas in seven games.
The Lottery order has been finalized. The 2024 schedule is up.  Mock Drafts are forthcoming.
The seeding for tomorrow's Lottery are in the League Notes.
Hartford squeaks into the Western Division finals.
The ZSABL Draft Lottery will held this Saturday,January 27 @ 12:30 P.M.
The MVP and Cy Young winners are announced. Results in League Notes.
An Interview with Pitching Grade Challenge winner Tom Doran can be found here.
All Manager of the Year votes are in. Check the League Notes.
The League Notes is full of ZSABL news.
1)The end of the regular season.
2)Playoffs are underway.
3)Draft Date is announced.
4)Manager of the Year is imminent.
The regular season is over as Chicago beats Amsterdam 3-2 but falls just short of a playoff spot. Please send in your Manager of the Year votes ASAP.
San Diego finishes in 2nd place in the West with a 4-1 triumph over Chicago.
Chicago nips Las Vegas 3-2, clinching the Eastern Division pennant for Amsterdam.
Las Vegas stays alive with a 4-1 victory over Amsterdam.
Finally some APBA action to report, Amsterdam a 4-1 victor over Sherwood.
Congrats to Tom Doran, check out the League Notes.
The Speed and Defensive ratings have been updated for the 2024 rosters, please look for typos.
Friday Score:
Queen City 3
Sherwood 2
Tuesday Score Board:
Las Vegas 3
Billings 2
This is the ad in Baseball Digest that first sparked my interest in APBA.
Norfolk tops Philly 4-1 to eliminate the "Sox".
Saturday Results:
San Diego 3
Memphis 2
Philadelphia 4
Las Vegas 1
Friday Score Board:
Las Vegas 3
Sherwood 2
Monday Action:
Hartford 3
Norfolk 2
Saturday Results:
Philly 3
Amsterdam 2
All 3-2 results in today's action:
Norfolk over San Diego
Cleveland over Hartford
Billings over Memphis.
Sunday Results:
Sherwood 3
Rochester 2
Saturday Score Board:
Sherwood 3
Philly 2
In Thursday Matinee action, Hartford clipped San Diego 3-2.
Monday Results:
Norfolk 5
Hartford 5
Billings 0
Cleveland 4
Memphis 1
Sunday Score Board:
Sherwood 4
Chicago 1
Saturday Result:
Philly a 3-2 winner versus Queen City.
More 3-2 scores from Tuesday action:
Billings over San Diego
Hartford over Memphis.
A pair of 3-2 finals in Monday action:
USMC over Billings
Norfolk over Cleveland.
Saturday Result:
Philly 4-1 over Chicago.
Wednesday Matinee play saw Norfolk trip up Billings 3-2.
In Tuesday evening action, Queen City defeated Las Vegas 3-2.
Monday Score Board:
Billings 3-2 over Cleveland
Queen City took a 4-1 decision from Memphis.
Late Score:
Chicago 3-2 over Queen City.
Saturday Results:
Rochester 3
Philadelphia 2
Amsterdam 3
Cleveland 2.
Memphis ties for 2nd place by defeating USMC 4-1.
Tuesday Scoreboard:
Rochester 3
Hartford 2
Norfolk 3
Memphis 2
San Diego trims Cleveland 3-2.
Queen City rolls over Amsterdam 4-1
Hartford tops Union Station 3-2.
USMC tops Sherwood 3-2.
Section Two is now complete as Sherwood knocked off Norfolk 3-2.
Late Sunday Evening Score:
Rochester 4
Chicago 1
Saturday Scoreboard:
Philly 3-2 over Billings
Sherwood a 3-2 winner versus Hartford.
San Diego takes over 2nd in the West with a 3-2 decision over USMC.
Section Three Result:
USMC 3-2 over Cleveland.
Monday Action:
Memphis 3-2 over Chicago
Sherwood was a 4-1 victor over Billings.
Sunday Score:
Chicago 4
Billings 1
Late Score:
San Diego 3
Sherwood 2.
Saturday Action:
Philly 3
Cleveland 2.

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