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Reminder: In Sections 2 and 3 of the schedule, the first team listed is the Home Team.
The Club weekend opening times are now, Friday 9:00, Saturday 11:00 and Sunday 9:00.
Section Three Result:
USMC 3-2 over Cleveland.
Monday Action:
Memphis 3-2 over Chicago
Sherwood was a 4-1 victor over Billings.
Sunday Score:
Chicago 4
Billings 1
Late Score:
San Diego 3
Sherwood 2.
Saturday Action:
Philly 3
Cleveland 2.
Thursday Scoreboard:
Sherwood 3
Cleveland 2
Monday Result:
Chicago 4-1 over Norfolk.
In Sunday action, Hartford cooled off Chicago 3-2.
Las Vegas announces a slew of players that are now "on the block", See the League Notes.
Rochester 3
Amsterdam 2
Tuesday Score:
Rochester sweeps Queen City 5-0.
Section 3 Result:
Las Vegas 4-1 over Rochester.
Saturday Scoreboard:
Amsterdam 3-2 over San Diego
and Rochester a 4-1 victor over Norfolk,
Late Score: Sherwood 3-2 over Memphis.
Norfolk got by Las Vegas 3-2.
In Sunday action, Philly nipped San Diego 3-2.
Hartford smacks Philadelphia 4-1.
Norfolk dropped Amsterdam 3-2.
Rochester sweeps Memphis 5-0 to drop the Sound into 3rd place in the East.
Amsterdam over Memphis 3-2.
Billings topped Rochester 3-2.
Rochester edged San Diego 3-2.
Philly sinks Memphis 4-1.
Norfolk takes over the top spot in the West with a 5-0 sweep over Rochester.
In Thursday action, Las Vegas was a 4-1 winner over Memphis and Cleveland prevailed over Rochester by a 3-2 verdict.
Norfolk edged Queen City 3-2.
Rochester defeats USMC 3-2.
Sunday Scoreboard:
Philly 3
In Wednesday action, Las Vegas topped USMC 4-1.
Late Monday Score:
Chicago 4
In Sunday double-header action, Hartford rolled over Amsterdam 4-1 but the Bulldogs came back to take a 4-1 decision over Billings.
USMC 3-2 over Amsterdam.
Saturday Scoreboard:
Amsterdam 5
Philadelphia 1
In Wednesday action, Las Vegas edged Cleveland 3-2.
Monday Scores:
San Diego 4
Queen City 1
Chicago 3
Cleveland 2
Tuesday Result:
Las Vegas 3
San Diego 2
Monday Morning Action:
Queen City 3
Hartford 2
Saturday Scoreboard:
Queen City 4
Union Station 1
Norfolk 4
Philadelphia 1
In double header action
Las Vegas 3
Hartford 2
Las Vegas 4
Hartford 1
Tuesday Scoreboard:
USMC and Memphis go 3-3.
The Rojo's defeat Cleveland 3-2.
Las Vegas slows down Amsterdam with a 3-3 split.
Section Two of the schedule got underway with Queen City taking a 4-1 decision over Billings.
Philly over Cleveland 4-1.
San Diego a 4-1 winner over Sherwood.
Sherwood shocks Memphis with a 5-0 blanking.
Norfolk edges Sherwood 3-2.
Sunday Late Score: Chicago 4 Sherwood 2
Saturday Score Board:
Philadelphia 5
Sherwood 1
Amsterdam 5
Hartford 0
Late Score: Las Vegas 4-2 over Sherwood.
Billings and Memphis split 3-3.
Emergency Manager Niles Lane has agreed to take over Sherwood for the time being until Skipper Tarantino's schedule eases up later this summer.
Saturday Scores:
Amsterdam 4
Memphis 1
Hartford 4
Philadelphia 1.
Billings a 3-2 winner over Sherwood.
The Bulldogs sweep again, blanking Norfolk 5-0 and Memphis rallied to defeat Cleveland 4-2.
Amsterdam sweeps Sherwood 6-0.
Las Vegas 3-2 over Union Station.
Saturday Score Board:
Union Station 4
Philadelphia 1
Chicago 3
San Diego 2
Memphis takes their 8th consecutive series with a 3-2 triumph over Las Vegas.
Monday Scores:
Norfolk 4
San Diego 2
Chicago 4
Cleveland 1
Philly and Las Vegas went 3-3.
Late Friday Evening Score:
Amsterdam 3
Union Station 2
Thursday Scoreboard:
Norfolk 4
Billings 2
San Diego 4
Hartford 2
Memphis crushes Hartford 5-1.
Chicago rips Hartford 4-1.
Hartford blanks Sherwood 5-0.
San Diego edged Queen City 3-2.
Memphis defeats Rochester 3-2.
Cleveland and Billings go 3-3.
Late Score:
Hartford 4 Rochester 1
Norfolk over USMC 4-2.
Chicago blows past Philly 5-1.
Queen City rolls past Hartford 3-2.
The Sound a 4-2 winner over San Diego.
Billings played two today, splitting with Hartford 3-3 and losing to Las Vegas by a 3-2 count.
Norfolk bests Hartford 4-2.
There were a couple of 3-2 outcomes in Saturday's matinee action:
Philly took down San Diego and Norfolk got by Chicago.
A Friday match-up saw Sherwood take a 3-2 decision from Cleveland.
In Wednesday action the West is beginning to "roll".
San Diego 3-2 over Las Vegas
USMC was a 4-1 winner over the Rojos.
Tuesday Results:
Queen City 4-2 over Chicago
Rochester eked out a 3-2 victory over Cleveland.
Sunday Score Board:
Amsterdam 3-2 over Billings
Chicago and Las Vegas split 3-3.
In Saturday action:
Memphis topped Philly 4-1
The Rockers got by Billings 3-2
and a couple of 5-0 sweeps
Las Vegas over Norfolk and
Amsterdam over Cleveland.
Rochester clips San Diego 3-2.
Las Vegas nips Cleveland 3-2.
Hartford and USMC go 3-3.
Belated congratulations to San Diego's Tom Doran who recently recorded his 3000th ZSABL career victory.
Memphis edges Queen City 3-2 to move into 1st place in the West.
Norfolk all over Cleveland 5-1.
Sunday Scores:
Amsterdam 3 - Chicago 3
Amsterdam 4 - San Diego 1
Las Vegas 5 - Queen City 1
The Black Sox roll into first place in the East with a 4-1 triumph over Billings.
Rochester nipped Union Station 3-2.
USMC rebounds and defeats San Diego 4-2.
Cleveland over USMC 4-2.
Sherwood and Rochester played to a 3-3 draw.
Late Score: Memphis 4 - Chicago 1
In Monday action:
USMC 5-1 over Billings
San Diego a 4-2 winner over Cleveland
and Queen City edged Norfolk 3-2
Pending is the late score from the Memphis-Chicago series.
In double-header action, Chicago upended Rochester 4-2, then the Rockers split 3-3 with Philly.
Philly triumphed over Queen City by a 5-1 count.
Plenty of Friday Action:
Queen City 4-1 over Cleveland
USMC 4-1 over Chicago
Amsterdam sweeps Queen City 6-0
Rochester tops Amsterdam 4-2.
Yesterday Scores:
Sherwood Forest 3-2 over USMC
Billings 3-2 over Chicago.
In today's action:
San Diego was a 4-2 victor over Billings.
Queen City gets into the win column with a 5-1 rout over Rochester.
Memphis opens the season with a 4-2 win over Norfolk sparked by a combined no-hitter from McClanahan, Lodolo and Herget.
 Opening day Scores
Billings 3 Queen City 2
Las Vegas 3 Rochester 3
Sherwood 4 Queen City 2
The Draft by both rounds and teams have been posted,
PLEASE check your individual team for typos.
As is customary, there will be a Moratorium on all player/draft pick transactions, effective Thursday evening at 7:00.
The Free Agents are now at the Club.
Las Vegas crowned the ZSABL champs as they defeat Hartford in six games.
Breaking News: The Brooklyn franchise has relocated to Chicago where they will be known as the Hawks.
The individual ZSABL teams, not the Free Agents, will be available during the World Series, this Saturday between 10-10:30.
Saturday,January 14 @ 9:15 A.M., the 45th ZSABL World Series, Hartford vs Las Vegas
Its a Las Vegas-Hartford World Series as the Crazy Horse tops Sherwood in six games.
Hartford gets past Norfolk in six games to reach the ZSABL's 45th World Series.
Sherwood moves on to the Eastern Finals with a 4-2 win over Rochester.
Philadelphia draws the top spot in the Lottery. 

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