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Pitching 2022 (by Grade)

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Baseball Today and Tomorrow (Eastern Division)
Baseball Today and Tomorrow (Western Division)
Rochester drops Memphis 4-2.
Memphis takes a 4-2 victory over Las Vegas.
USMC defeats Memphis 5-1 and the Cleveland-Philly series went 3-3.
Amsterdam rolls over San Diego 4-2.
Norfolk blasts 18 homers to defeat Las Vegas 4-2.
Memphis defeated Cleveland 4-2 and the Bulldogs split 3-3 with Hartford.
Amsterdam-USMC 3-3
Cleveland and Rochester play to a 3-3 draw.
Norfolk and Amsterdam split 3-3.
Late Score: Amsterdam 4-2 over Billings.
Sherwood moves into the top spot in the East with a 5-1 win over Amsterdam and Memphis evens their record at 21-21 by defeating Philly 4-2.
Hartford and Billings split 3-3.
Philadelphia and Amsterdam split 3-3.
Sherwood and Rochester split 3-3.
The Neptunes and the Machine battle to a 3-3 split.
Sherwood moves into a tie for first in the East with a 4-2 triumph over Philly.
Cleveland sweeps Billings 6-0.
Memphis drops Hartford 4-2 and USMC-Norfolk split 3-3.
Sherwood takes their 2nd straight 6-0 sweep with a broom-job versus San Diego and the Cleveland-Hartford series went 3-3.
San Diego and Norfolk play to a 3-3 draw.
Billings snaps season long losing skein by dropping USMC 4-2.
The Rojos complete Section One with a 3-3 split versus Memphis.
Philly dumps Queen City 5-1.
Sherwood sweeps Billings 6-0.
Norfolk takes the lead in the West with a 5-1 win over Billings.
Las Vegas 5-1 over Cleveland,
Hartford drops Queen City 5-1.
USMC and Rochester go 3-3.
Las Vegas takes over 1st in the East as they white-wash Billings 6-0.
Late Result from Yesterday: Cleveland 5-1 over Brooklyn.
The Sound wins for the first time, topping Billings 5-1.
Norfolk rallies for a 4-2 triumph over Memphis.
Norfolk 4-2 over Philadelphia.
Friday Results:
San Diego and Queen City 3-3
USMC and Hartford 3-3
Sherwood 4-2 over Cleveland.
Union Station takes command in the West with a 5-1 win over Cleveland.
Lots of action today:
Norfolk 4-2 over Brooklyn
Hartford topped Rochester 4-2
Hartford defeated Brooklyn 4-2
Las Vegas beat Brooklyn 5-1.
Las Vegas and Sherwood split 3-3
Amsterdam rolls over Queen City 5-1
the torrid Brooklyn Metropolitans swept the Rojo's 6-0 for their 13th straight victory.
Hartford tops Norfolk 4-2.
Queen City-Cleveland and Billings-San Diego both ended in 3-3 draws.
Las Vegas rolls over San Diego 4-2.
Brooklyn begins their season with a double-dip, losing 4-2 to Philly but then sweeping Rochester 6-0.
Everything went 4-2 today.
Norfolk over Queen City
Philly downed Hartford
Amsterdam dropped Memphis.
A pair of 4-2 decisions today.
Union Station over San Diego
Sherwood over Hartford
Queen City drops Billings 5-1.
Rockers and Black Sox split 3-3.
Saturday Score Board:
Philadelphia 3-3 with Union Station
Rochester topped Billings 4-2
Amsterdam defeated Cleveland 5-1.
Sherwood and Union Station played to a 3-3 draw.
San Diego blasts Memphis 5-1.
Wednesday Results:
Cleveland and San Diego went 3-3
Queen City 4-2 over Las Vegas
Queen City in double dip action, split with Rochester 3-3.
The Crazy Horse was a 5-1 winner over USMC.
Rochester tops Las Vegas 4-2.
Cleveland opens up their season with a 4-2 win over Norfolk.
An active Queen City Rojo's franchise dispatched Sherwood 4-2.
The 2022 ZSABL season gets underway as Union Station tops Queen City 4-2.
Billings captures their first ZSABL Championship by dispatching Amsterdam in six games.

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