Last Updated 03/24/19

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Philly and Amsterdam play to a 3-3 draw.

Late Score: Amsterdam 4 Maine 2

A pair of 4-2 verdicts today, Billings over Seattle and Hartford a winner versus Philadelphia.

Norfolk and Sherwood split 3-3.

USMC over San Diego 4-2.

Seattle explodes early for a 3-0 lead but has to settle for the 3-3 split with Amsterdam.

Late Score: Sherwood trips up Rochester 4-2.

Philly a 4-2 winner over Las Vegas while Seattle and USMC split 3-3.

"Holiness" is all even as San Diego and Hartford hang 5-1 losses on Brooklyn and Sherwood tops Memphis 4-2.

Norfolk is off to a 15-3 start as they deal a 5-1 loss on the slumping Las Vegas Crazy Horse.


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