2021 Eastern Division

Drafted relief pitchers will not be listed. Draft analysis will consist of an alpha grading system with a summary of what can be expected in each team’s performance. Draft grade is based the future potential of each player as well as the 2020 season . Overall draft grade will no longer be used


                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade              

                1                              OF                          Randy Arozarena                              A

                6                              C                             Max Stassi                                          B+                                                          

               7                            SP                           Drew Smiley                                       B                                                                            

              8                              SP                           Thomas Eshelman                            B                                                                            

              9                              1B                           Jesus Aguilar                                     B                                                                            

              9                              SP                           Lance McCullers Jr                           B                                                                           

           10                               3B                           Phillip Evans                                      C+                                                                         

           12                               C                             Alejandro Kirk                                   C                                                                                                                                                           



Amsterdam selected OF Randy Arozarena in the first round and it would be hard to argue the selection.  Coming off an MVP award in the American League Championship series he will be planted in the Bulldogs outfield for years to come unless he is in jail for domestic abuse. Catcher Max Stassi was selected in the 6th round he had a career year in the short 2020 season and has picked up where he left off early in the 2021 season. We had him rated as the top catcher in the draft he adds nice depth at the position and could see some pitch hitting duties when not starting. In the 7th round they selected SP Drew Smiley (B) he slides into the starting rotation but with limited innings. Baltimore SP Tom Eshelman (CZ) in the 8th round will take over Smiley’s spot in the rotation when his innings run out. In the 9th round first baseman Jesus Agular was selected. Agular is off to a nice start in 2021. With Vlad Guerrero Jr cemented at first base in Toronto the selection of Agular could signal the end of Rizzo in Amsterdam time will tell. Every contender needs a hatchet card player enter Phil Evans in the 10th round, just don’t expect him to be on the roster next year. The Bulldogs added some youth to an aging catching position selecting Alejandro Kirk with their final pick we don’t think he sticks at the position but more likely will be a DH with potential to hit at a high level.



Starting Pitching: B          Relief Pitching: B+           Offense: B           Defense: C+                                                                                                                                                

Amsterdam’s hitting and pitching were last in the Eastern Division in 2020 landing them in last place. This year’s pitching and offense is much improved and a solid draft improves their chances of a playoff berth. Oh, what a year’s difference can make. The defense could be an achilleas heel.

 The last time the Bulldogs made the playoffs was their inaugural year in Amsterdam 2016 could this be the year to silence the critics?  The Bulldog fans thinks so and so do we.










                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                4                              SP                           Mike Fiers                                           C+                                                          

               5                             C                            Francisco Alvarez                            C+                                                                         

THE DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Brooklyn selected mostly relief pitchers in this year’s draft after trading most of their early round picks away. In the 4th round they selected SP Mike Fiers (CZ) and in the 5th the New York Mets top catching prospect Francisco Alvarez.   



Starting Pitching: C+        Relief Pitching: C               Offense: B           Defense: A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Brooklyn ended up in second place in the Eastern Division in 2020 bowing out in the second round of the Eastern Division playoffs to the eventual World Champion Rockers. The Mets did not look to improve the ball club for the 2021 season instead looking to the future while piling up draft picks. The Met’s lack of control in the starting rotation and an unusual weak bullpen makes it difficult to see them making the playoffs for 2021.















Queen City


                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                1                              SP                           Chris Bassett                                      A                                                                            

               1                             SP                           Cristian Javier                                    B+                                                                          

              2                             2B                           Jake Crowenworth                          B+                                                                          

              2                              2B                           Jazz Chisholm                                    A                                                                            

              2                              IF                            Isiah Kiner-Falea                               C+                                                                          

             2                               SS                           Willi Castro                                         C+                                                                          

             3                               3B                           Jeimer Candelario                            B+                                                                          

             3                                 C                           Kevin Palwecki                                  C                                                                            

            3                            OF                             Robbie Grossman                            B                                                                            

            5                            SP                              Brady Singer                                       B                                                                            

           7                            OF                              Mauel Margot                                   C+                                                                          

        1 0                           OF                               Leody Taveras                                  C                                                                            

        13                            IF                                Tyler Freeman                                  C+                                                                          

        14                            C                              Jacob Nottingham                              C                                                                            

       15                              IF                             Anderson Tejeda                             C+                                                                           

       16                            SP                              Nick Lodolo                                           B                                                                            

       17                            OF                            Sam Haggerty                                        C                                                                                                                                                                                                           

THE DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Participating in their first ZSABL draft the new Queen City franchise did not disappoint their fans. The Rojos had their work cut out for them as they overhauled the former Seattle franchise roster.  Queen City with two first round picks looked to solidify their starting rotation selecting Chris Bassett (AZ) and Cristian Javier (B) two very strong picks indeed. They had four picks in the 2nd round and it was all geared to building their infield, two second basemen in Crowenworth and Chisolm were followed by infielders Falea and Castro. Chisolm looks to be special with Crowenworth and Falea solid ballplayers. Willi Castro is struggling so far this year in MLB but he is young time will tell if he can live up to the potential that Detroit sees in him. Queen City had three picks in the 3rd round selecting third basemen Jeimer Candelario followed by catcher Palwecki and outfielder Robbie Grossman. Candelerio had an excellent short season but will be hard pressed to repeat that performance. Grossman will help this year but both he and Palwicki will more than likely be available in next year’s draft. In the 5th they selected SP Brady Singer (C) we feel he has the potential to be a solid starter. Round seven outfielder Manuel Margot was selected he has a great glove lots of speed if he can improve his OBP he would make himself a nice ball player however we don’t see that happening. In the 10th they selected Leody Taveras he is young (22) and was rushed by Texas he needs more seasoning in AAA. Cleveland prospect Tyler Freeman was picked in the 13th round he looks like he is on the fast track but shows little power so far in his young career. In the 14th round they picked catcher Jacob Nottingham once a highly touted prospect but has yet to live up to the hype and is now 26 years old and time is running out. Anderson Tejeda was selected in round 15 he had a very nice short season in 2020 but is struggling in 2021 at AAA. The Rojos know all about the Cincinnati Reds so in round 16 they took Cincy’s SP prospect Nick Lodolo he could be special. With their final selection they added outfield depth by selecting OF Sam Haggerty.



Starting Pitching: C+        Relief Pitching: C             Offense: C+        Defense: B                                                                                                                                                    

Queen City the newest franchise in the ZSABL will open the 2021 season in the toughest division in baseball. The Rojos did a great job in over hauling the former Seattle roster. If anything, a couple of uncarded outfielders would have made it even stronger. The Rojos don’t have the guns to make a run at the playoffs this season but the strong draft bodes well for the future.




























Las Vegas


                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                1                              SP                           Kwang Hyun Kim                              B+                                                          

               4                            2B                           Dylan Moore                                      B                                                                            

               5                             3B                           Spencer Torkelson                           B+                                                                          

              8                              SP                           Adbert Alzolay                                   C+                                                                          

              8                              C                             Mike Zunino                                       C                                                                            

             9                               IF                            CJ Abrams                                           B                                                                            

          10                                C                            Andrew Knapp                                  B                                                                            

          11                                C                            Austin Barnes                                   D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Vegas with the 8th pick in the first round selected SP Kwang Kim(A&CZ) he will slide in to the starting rotation but has limited innings. They selected second baseman Dylan Moore in the 4th round he also qualifies for the outfield. Moore is coming off of a career year and will add depth to the roster but has been disappointing so far in the 2021 MLB season. Highly touted prospect Spencer Torkelson was picked in round five he’s on the fast track for Detroit and has every indication of being a stud a nice selection at this juncture of the draft. The Cub’s young starting pitcher Adbert Alzolay(BW) was selected in the 8th round we like his upside and in the same round they selected catcher Mike Zunino. Mike has bounced around the league a few times and this is his second stint with Vegas he’ll add depth to a position that needs all it can get in Vegas. In the 9th round they selected another highly rated prospect in CJ Abrams. Abrams was projected to go early in the draft but the lack of an opportunity on San Diego’s current ballclub may have held some back an excellent pick and perhaps future star. Philly backup catcher Andrew Knapp was selected in the 10th round he had a very good short season he has limited at bats but adds the most offensive upside at the position for the Crazy Horse. With their final pick they selected another catcher Austin Barnes granted there isn’t much left when you get to this part of the draft but we would have liked to see an uncarded catcher as Barnes adds very little to an already weak position for Vegas.  



Starting Pitching: A          Relief Pitching: A              Offense: A          Defense: B         


Vegas underperformed and ended up in 5th place in the East in 2020 but this year will be a different story as they look to be the team to beat in 2021. That being said, they are in the toughest division in baseball so nothing is a lock especially when the rollie tends not to be proficient or should we say lucky in this regard. The defense is not as strong as we would like however, they should win the division but it won’t be easy and they have a solid shot at their first World Championship.




                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                1                              SP                           Taijuan Walker                                  A                                                                            

              2                              SP                           Triston McKenzie                             B                                                            

              3                             OF                          Alex Dickerson                                  B+                                                                          

              6                              SP                           Dan Castano                                       C+                                                                          

              6                              C                             Curt Casali                                           B                                                                            

             7                               OF                          Jacoby Jones                                      C+                                                                          

            9                               SP                          Freddy Peralta                                   B                                                                            

           10                               IF                            Luis Guillmore                                   C+                                                                          

           15                               SP                           Danny Duffy                                       C+                                                                          

           16                               OF/1B                   Pavin Smith                                        B                                                                            

           17                               IF                            Nicky Lopez                                        C+                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

THE DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Philadelphia had the 3rd selection in the first round and selected SP Taijuan Walker(A) we projected they would select first baseman Jared Walsh so this was somewhat of a surprise but an excellent pick none the less. In the second round they selected another starting pitcher in Triston McKenzie(BZ) having limited innings he adds depth to the rotation. We have our doubts that he will continue as a starter in Cleveland but could flourish out of the bullpen. Outfielder Alex Dickerson was picked in the 3rd round coming off a monster short season he’ll be batting in the middle of the lineup. The Sox’s added more starting pitching in the 6th round by selecting SP Dan Castano(B) 80 innings followed by catcher Curt Casali. Casali adds improvement defensively and had a decent year at the plate in 2020. They selected another outfielder in the 7th round Jacoby Jones again another player that had a very good short season who will help in 2021 but that will probably be it. In the 8th round they selected starting pitcher Freddy Peralta(C) he probably will be used as a slop up pitcher this year but next year look out. Nice pick. Infielder Luis Guillmore was picked in round ten he will see some playing time at second base but has limited at bats and little upside going forward. Next came what we would term a “late draft date” pick in SP Danny Duffy(D). Duffy has started the MLB season with an Era under 2.00 surprise, surprise. In the 16th round they selected a player we like a lot in 1B/OF Pavin Smith and they ended their draft with glove wiz little Nicky Lopez he of little bat but helps defensively.



Starting Pitching: B+        Relief Pitching: B               Offense: C+        Defense: B         


For the second year in a row Philly ended up in 4th place in the tough Eastern Division in 2020. Going into 2021 they have the pitching to compete and they did a nice job of improving their offense via trades during the off season and with a fine draft. The Sox’s are not one of the strongest team’s in the division but are capable of making the playoffs and getting that 4th place monkey off their back. But will they?






                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                2                              SP                           David Peterson                                 B                                                                            

               3                             SP                           Nathan Evoldi                                    C+                                                                          

               4                            1B                           Roby Dalbec                                       C+                                                                          

               5                             C                             Yermin Mercedes                            B+                                                                          

              6                              2B                           Robbie Cano                                       B                                                                            

              7                              SS                           Brandon Crawford                           B                                                                            

             9                               SP                           Tanner Houck                                    C                                                                            

           10                               OF                          Darin Ruf                                             B                                                                            

           11                               SP                           Steven Brault                                     C                                                                            

           13                               SS                           Andre Gimenez                                B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

THE DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Rochester selected SP David Peterson(B) in the second round followed by SP Ethan Evoldi (CZ) in the third both pitchers slide into the starting rotation. Evoldi has the better upside of the two but that isn’t saying much. In the 4th round they selected Bobby Dalbec he will see at bats from the DH position. Dalbec has lots of power but struggles making contact. In the 5th round they selected Chicago’s Yermin Merecedes he is listed as a catcher but is a true DH and a very good one at that he doesn’t help this year but looks like a future stud. Steroid plagued Robby Cano was selected in round six Cano he is a nice addition to this year’s club but the future does not bode well. The sure handed shortstop Brandon Crawford was selected in round seven he is as steady as they come defensively and is showing some surprising pop in MLB to date. Steroids? In the 9th round the Rockers selected SP Tanner Houck(A&BW) he is short in innings and control is an issue. San Fran outfielder Darin Ruf was selected in the 10th round he will see playing time in the outfield he has some pop but has limited at bats and lacks defensively. Starting pitcher Steven Brault(BW) was selected in the 11th round and looks like he will settle in the bullpen for the Rockers. The young shortstop Andre Gimenez was selected with the Rockers final pick as they look to the future. Gimenez came over to the Indians in the Lindor trade with the Mets and at 21 years of age he has something to prove and we think he’s capable of doing it.



Starting Pitching: C+        Relief Pitching: B               Offense: B           Defense: C+


Rochester had a terrific season in 2020 winning the ZSABL World Championship by defeating the Memphis Sound in seven games. This year however will be much different and making the playoffs while not out of the picture is unlikely.







                Round                   Position               Player                                   Draft Grade

                5                              2B                           Jonathan India                                   B+                                                                          

               9                            SP                           TJ Zeuch                                               C+                                                                          

             10                             SP                           Huascar Ynoa                                     B                                                                            

             10                             SP                           Cody Ponce                                        C+                                                                          

             13                             OF                          Zac Veen                                             C                                                                            

             14                             IF                            Yandy Diaz                                          C+                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

THE DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Sherwood for the second year in a row selected a second baseman with their first pick in the draft albeit a little later than last year’s first round selection of Biggio they selected Jonathan India in the 5th round. Very nice pick and hard to believe he was still available. Starting pitcher TJ Zeuch(A&C) with limited innings was picked in the 9th round he had an excellent short season in 2020 but with only 3 starts he probably will pitch in relief at some point in the season and be available in next year’s 2022 draft.  Atlanta’s Huascar Ynoa was picked in the 10th round he was off to a nice start before getting injured but he looks like he has the makings of a solid MLB pitcher. Also, in round ten they selected SP Cody Ponce he will help fill out this year’s rotation and that’s about it. The Machine looked to the future in round 13 selecting Colorado first round pick in the 2020 MLB amateur draft outfielder Zac Veen at 19 years of age it maybe awhile till he sees the big show but he’s lighting up the low minors. With their final pick in the 14th round, they selected 3b Yandy Diaz he will slide in to the starting 3rd base position not much of a glove but in the 14th round it hard to get a starting player of any kind. Nice pick.



Starting Pitching: B          Relief Pitching: B+            Offense: B+        Defense: B


Sherwood finished in 3rd place in the East in 2020. Amazing since they ended up next to last place in all of baseball in hitting. They lost to Brooklyn in seven games of the first round of the Eastern Division playoffs. This year’s ballclub is similar to last year’s with a little better offense. Look for Sherwood to once again battle for the Eastern Championship crown but we see them coming up short second to Vegas. However, the playoffs are all together a different animal and we can see The Machine with their playoff experience making it to the finals of the ZSABL Championship series.