League Directory          
E-Mail by Division East    
Team Manager E-Mail  
Amsterdam Bulldogs Carl Swift lancredroses@yahoo.com  
Brooklyn Metropolitans Dave Turner postalinspectar@yahoo.com  
Hartford Hurricanes Phil Zangari Bojac16@aol.com  
Las Vegas Crazy Horse Billy Bell thebillbell@comcast.net  
Maine Mauis Des Deeter ddeeter1117@gmail.com  
Memphis Sound Ed Kachnoskie EKachnoskie@lnpnews.com  
- Home Addy memphisound@comcast.net  
Norfolk Neptunes Billy Groff william_groff@verizon.net  
Pensacola Piranhas George Zangari lzangari56@comcast.net  
Philadelphia Black Sox Stevie Abrams Stephen.Abrams@tyson.com  
Rochester Rockers Sam Schall schallsam@icloud.com  
San Diego 76er's Tom Doran TheBooth32@verizon.net  
  The Lottery Mistress Same as Above  
Seattle Scouts Woody Kleinhaus gen2woods@aol.com  
Sherwood Forest Machine George Tarantino inspiringlaptop@comcast.net  
Union Station Mystic Cowboys Mel Smith baddogmss@yahoo.com  
Friends of the ZSABL  
Dave "Frenchy" Bauman dfrenchyb@aol.com    
  Former Manager of the Elmira Pioneers and Dawson City Dregs  
Dave Buller dbulls01@aol.com  
  Publisher of the Bull's Eye and former Manager of the Dallas Texans
Jeff Eichelman keichelman@msn.com  
  Former Manager of the Ourinhous Quasars  
Don "Coach" Kuhns dekman@iname.com  
  Founder and President of the Norfolk Neptune Fan Club  
Bobby Fisher michelangelosmom@verizon.net  
  Former Assistant Manager of the Virginia Rebels  
Mike McCauley muggins1111@hotmail.com  
  Former Manager of the Mount Pleasant Perennial Pleasure  
George Zangari lgdpzang@aol.com  
  Former Manager of the Marakesh Xpress  
John Valori gburgfan@aol.com  
  Former Manager of the Baton Rouge Bombers  
Sil Simpson csilrun@hotmail.com  
  Free Lance writer and former APBA player  
Ted "Tee" Knorr papabell@aol.com  
  Former Manager of the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Publisher of the Crawfordgram
John Franze johntfranze@aol.com  
  Former Manager of the Cyrus Panzers  
John Heiselman songbird941@aol.com  
  Long time heir apparent to a ZSABL franchise