World Series Results
Final Standings
Champion: Dallas Texans
Eastern Division Pennant: Virginia Rebels
Western Division Pennant: Dallas Texans
Best Record in Baseball: Virginia Rebels
M.V.P.: None Selected
Cy Young: None Selected
M.O.Y.: None Selected 
B.A.: Dan Dreissen,Virginia .373
HR:Oscar Gamble,Dallas 25
 RBI:Oscar Gamble,Dallas 57
 SB:Joe Morgan,Dallas 41
E.R.A. Bruce Sutter,Virginia 1.11
Wins:Steve Rogers,San Diego & Jim Colborn,Virginia 9
Saves:Gene Garber,Albuquerque 11
 Strikeouts:Tom Seaver,Baton Rouge 110
Dallas defeated Cassidys in a one game playoff for the Western Division Pennant

In this our inaugural season,the draft order was established by APBA dice.The divisions were determined by placing the teams in alternate order,1-3-5-7-9 in the East and 2-4-6-8 in the West.
Original Draft Order
1)Virginia Rebels
2)Cassidys Wildcats
3)Elmira Pioneers
4)San Diego 76er's
5)South Seas Super Spoons
6)Dallas Texans
7)Baton Rouge Bombers
8)Hartford Hurricanes
9)Albuquerque Apaches

East-9 games each (36)
West-10 games each (30)

East-6 games each (24)
West-6 games each (30)

The cost of APBA cards was $15.90 for the regular set and $ 4.50 for the XB's

In the only year of its existence there was a supplemental draft called the Surplus Player Pool at the conclusion of the regular free agent draft..It cost a club $0.50 to go back into the undrafted players and take one while releasing one.
Cassidys:Dave Campbell released Len Barker
Albuquerque:Kurt Bevacqua released Pat Rockett
South Seas:Jim Lonborg & Ken Kravec releasing Tom Underwood & Larry Demery
Hartford:Jim Bibby releasing Tommie Helms
Virginia:Barry Foote releasing Mike Wagner

In contrast of years to come,there were only two trades made..Virginia sent OF Lee Mazzilli and P Bob Lacey to Hartford for 1B Jason Thompson and Hartford traded OF Hal McRae to Cassidys for 3B Ron Cey,1B Willie Stargell and P Willie Hernandez.As a result of these trades Hartford released 1B Dick Allen,P Darrold Knowles and 2B Jack Brohamer  
Rewards Team Amount Dallas 20.40 Virginia 17.50 Baton Rouge 7.20 Cassidys 6.30 San Diego 4.50 Hartford 4.10 Albuquerque 3.80 Elmira 2.70 South Seas 1.60 Total 68.10
Prize Dispersal Category Amount Team Champion 5.00 Dallas Eastern Div.Pennant 5.00 Virginia Western Div.Pennant 5.00 Dallas Eastern Div.Runnerup 3.00 Baton Rouge Western Div.Runnerup 3.00 Cassidys BA 3.00 Virginia HR 3.00 Dallas RBI 3.00 Dallas SB 1.00 Dallas Hits 1.00 Virginia ERA 3.00 Virginia Pitching Wins 3.00 San Diego & Virginia Saves 1.00 Albuquerque Shutouts 1.00 Hartford Pitcher SO 1.00 Baton Rouge Team Wins (0.10) 27.10 Virginia 4.00 - - Dallas 3.40 - - Cassidys 3.30 - - Baton Rouge 3.20 - - Hartford 3.10 - - San Diego 3.00 - - Albuquerque 2.80 - - Elmira 2.70 - - South Seas 1.60 Total 68.10
Dallas won a playoff game for an additional 0.10
Player Optioned During the Season
Lee Mazzilli recalled Del Unser
Jim Kern recalled Gary Alexander
Steve Yeager recalled Dave Kingman

Bill Russell recalled Joe Dzeb

South Seas:
Eddie Murray recalled Gary Matthews
Dusty Baker recalled Joe Rudi
Lou Brock recalled Rawley Eastwick

Buddy Bell recalled Wayne Gross
Wayne Gross recalled Buddy Bell

Barry Foote recalled Tony Scott
John Wockenfuss recalled Gene Tenace
Paul Blair recalled John Wockenfuss
John Wockenfuss recalled Paul Blair

The Rules
These were the rules as written back in 1978
1)All Players must use a shaker
2)Pitchers atbat cannot hit and run
3)Player optioned three times becomes frozen goes through next draft
4)Draft picks cannot be traded
5)Surplus Player Pool can be selected at the cost of $0.50 (Deleted*)
6)Championship Series starts the third day after the season is scheduled to end.It will consist of two games,travel day,three games,travel day,then the final two games
7)Starting pitchers must have three days rest
8)Pitchers cannot pinchhit or take off on a hit and run,must bat ninth
9)Relief Pitchers can pitch two innings everyday.Penalties are as follows:2 1/3 to 3 innings (1 game rest) 3 1/3 to 4 innings (2 games rest) 4 1/2 to 5 innings (3 games rest) 5 1/3 to 6 innings (4 games rest)
10)All advanced rules on the APBA Boards will be used (New Boards*)
11)After the trading deadline (Before a team plays its 11th game),player deals have to be cleared via wavers(sic)
12)A player cannot play a position that is not on his card unless there is no one else to play that position
13)A player with less than 162 official atbats for the year can only have one plate appearance per game
14)Injury Ratings: J-0 (Rest of Game).J-1 (Two Games),J-2 (Five Games),J-3 (Ten Games),J-4 (15 Games) E.N. Must not have known how to spell 15 since the other injury numbers are not in numeric form

*  Noted in red ink on original papers,probably added after the season

There is also a notation listing the Save Rule as:
1)Pitch 3 innings or more finishing the game and protecting the lead
2)Face the potential tying or winning run at the plate
A line runs through rule 1 indicating it was deleted either during or after the season

E.N. Rule 13 limited the player with under 162 atbats to one plate appearance a game for both regular season and in the World Series.